Thursday, January 05, 2006

CBC Segment

I know I've moved on but, I just discovered an article on the CBC website that was written in addition to the segment that aired two nights ago. It's just as well that I share it with you all... and then we'll move on again, shall we?


In N.L., it's not easy being Green
Last updated Jan 4 2006 04:20 PM NST
CBC News

The Green party has managed to field a full slate of candidates in Newfoundland and Labrador, but has had draw on out-of-province members to do it.

Five of the seven Green candidates in Newfoundland and Labrador live outside the province.

The Greens angered some supporters in Newfoundland and prompted the resignations of a key organizer and their candidate in Labrador riding by calling for abolition of the seal hunt.

Shannon Hillier, who is carrying the Green banner in Avalon riding, admits the party's stand against the seal hunt is an obstacle - at least in Newfoundland and Labrador.

"Basically, it's an Ottawa decision," she said.

"No matter what government you're dealing with, I don't think they really understand, or their decisions reflect what's going on in Newfoundland," she said.

Lori-Ann Martino, who ran for the Greens in 2004, said she could not endorse the party's stand on sealing.

"I think any Newfoundlander would look straight at [that] and be able to see that this party does not represent them," Martino said.

"That's when I realized that this was strategic, and I was just a tool in a bigger political machine that was mostly aimed at Upper Canadians."

Jane McGillivray, a medical doctor who won the party's nomination in Labrador riding, quit her candidacy over the sealing issue.

The Green party says the sealing policy, which holds that the industry is not sustainable, was adopted by 93 per cent of delegates who attended a recent meeting.

Stephen Harris, the Green candidate in St. John's East, is sticking with the party, and supports the platform.

He admits the policy has kept potential supporters away.

"It's already hurt," he said.

"I'm going to fight to make sure everybody knows there's more than just the seal hunt on their platform."

Only Hillier and Harris will actually be campaigning for the Greens in the province.

They said a full slate helps give the party more credibility, and every vote for the party brings $1.79 in federal funding that can be used to promote the Greens' environmental agenda.

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Table Mountains said...

the sealing issue has to be worked out in order to have support in NL.