Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Encouraging Letter

I wanted to pass along this encouraging letter that was sent by a Green Supporter from Ontario, now living in the US.

K á n o w a k e': r o n - M o h a w k - T u r t l e C l a n

S i x N a t i o n s o f t h e G r a n d R i v e r

Hi Stephen!

I'm Kanowakeron of The Native Canadian website and I ran across your website from my site statistics; one of your GP graphics links to my website. That's fine with me... always willing to help out a fellow Green if I'm able.

Some background: 51-year old dual-citizen (CDN/US) Status Mohawk of the Six Nations of the Grand River reserve near Hamilton Ontario, living in the Rochester New York area and a voter in both Canada and the States (registered Green here in the Upstate NY bastion of conservative Republicanism). I’m active in the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada and have crossed the border on the average of once every ten days since 1983. My riding of Haldimand-Norfolk in Ontario should, in fact, be the Brant riding, but Elections Canada says otherwise.

No stranger to the GP scene in Ontario, I’ve had a number of email exchanges with Mike Nickerson ( in the past as both he and I share a strong belief that the time has come for Proportional Representation in Parliament… as well as many other views, including Sustainability and Well-Being Measurement.

As an Ontarian, I’m aware of some perceptions that we tend to be a self-absorbed and self-centred lot, but may I say there are many of us who are keenly concerned with other parts of Canada. On a personal level, that concern extends to the Far North and Atlantic Canada. I supported Kevin McCann’s Fair Deal for Newfoundland and Labrador both personally and on my website, as it was patently clear who was being taken advantage of by the Federal government.

As a member of the First Nations, I’m also aware of the Native position that voting in a non-Native government’s election is viewed as consorting with the enemy, as it were. To that I respond, if one’s ‘enemy’ gives ammunition in the form of a vote, one would be foolish not to use it. If, as an Aboriginal, my life is to be controlled by a non-Native government, I at least want a say in who will be running that entity.

To that end, I enthusiastically support the Green Party positions and candidates in both Canada and the States as it has the most enlightened and respectful relationship with the First Nations of the major political parties. It’s my small way of fighting back against the forces which have historically run roughshod over the Aboriginal People of North America.

Due to health and economic issues, I’m unable to move to Canada… which is unfortunate given the present deplorable political, social and diplomatic climate of the States. As a proud Canadian, making the best of the situation is difficult considering the extremely dangerous path the Americans are following. Frankly, I’m less worried about the direction of the States than I am that of Canada. Any attempt by Canada to follow the Americans’ lead must be vigorously opposed which is reason enough to be extremely worried about the outcome of the election.

I just wanted to send you and Mark Brennan my best wishes and support for success in the upcoming election. Please feel free to share this with Mark and others as you see fit.

Together, as Canadians, we can make a difference.

Regards –

Dave Kanowakeron Hill Morrison U.E.
Turtle Clan Mohawk, Six Nations of the Grand River

It's refreshing to hear such uplifting comments. It keeps the legs movin', ya know?

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