Thursday, January 12, 2006

Forum hosted by the City of St. John's

First of all, let me apologize for giving misinformation. The forum that took place on Tuesday night was not only for St. John's East but also for St. John's South. Unfortunately, the Green Party Candidate for that riding was not present.

Secondly, just so you know, this is my second time trying to post this. It was supposed to be posted yesterday but, my connection dropped as I was publishing and when I pressed the 'back' button, all the text was erased. Grrr.

Note: Use notepad first, then copy and paste. I learned my lesson.

Anyway, the forum went well. As nervous as I was, I'm confident that the questions I answered we're answered appropiatly. It was a treat actually. Not only did I gain experience participating in such a format, I was able to promote the Green vision to a room full of interested people. Albeit, it seemed from the clapping and cheering, that most were NDP supporters.

Speaking of the NDP. I gotta say, I really enjoyed meeting Mike Kehoe of that party. I found him to be a really nice and personable man. I didn't have a lot of time to chat with him but, he did try to get me to switch sides and go over to the NDP. Of course, my reply was "Never" but, it was interesting to get an invite especially considering Mr. Kehoe also spoke to me about toying with the idea of running for the Greens at one point. He later decided that he could not because of our (and by our I mean the Greens, not me personally) stand on the seal hunt issue. I can understand that. It's an issue important to us as Newfoundland and Labradorians but, there are many issues important to us and the Greens are speaking directly to those issues. Decentralization for one. That's exactly what we as a province want and what we as a party are pushing for. So, my point is, in the long run, in my heart of hearts, I truly believe the Green Party of Canada is the perfect choice for the province and by the next election, I vow to make the leader and the rest of the Party understand that our province knows best when it comes to the hunt. To not go Green because of the issue is turning my back on everything I believe in. It's too bad that Mike wasn't with me on that.

I spoke of this that night and I'll do it again here; Wouldn't the country be a great place to live if the Greens and the NDP were in the position that the Liberals and the Conservatives are now? These parties have enough power and I'm truly sick of the cross party mud slinging that happens between them. Nothing will ever get done if you cannot work together to get things done and these two parties obviously cannot work together. The Greens in power with the NDP as opposition (or even visa versa) would truly equal a beautiful place.

Of course, to add to my NDP/Green comments, I did go on to say "... and the Conseravtives were in the same positions as the Greens are at this point; not in government". Thought you'd like to know.

I should say at this point that I wouldn't vote NDP at this time, however. Sure they have some great ideas (a lot of which were taken or inspired by us, which is okay. Like Jim Harris says "We want everyone to steal our ideas.") but, the have a tendency to promise one thing and do the opposite. For example, they are all pro environment right? Why, I ask, do their MP's make such decisions that affect our environment so greatly? Promoting uranium mining in Saskatchewan, refusing to interfere with import of toxic waste from New Jersey for burning in New Brunswick and supporting the clear cutting of our forests in BC are all examples of past behaviors of NDP MP's. Makes you wonder what else they'll say on one hand and do on another.

Anyway, back to the forum; the media coverage of the event was minimal, especially when it comes to coverage on the Green Party (me). CBC didn't mention us at all, NTV had one little piece from me on education and the The Telegram had an article that had one quote from me: "Do not vote for Stephen Harper". For those wondering, it was in response to a question asked to the Mr. Doyle or Mr. Hearn (CPC candidates) regarding why they should vote for Conservative. The moderator gave others the opportunity to answer.

All in all, things went swimmingly and perhaps I opened up one mind to the Greens and maybe they even took a platform or a brochure with them as the went home for the evening. I made sure to leave some behind... just in case. You never know when a inner Green will find the light. It happens all the time.

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