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Here's where we stand on Health Care; Martin Hanzalek

Martin Hanzelek, Green Candidate for Humber - St. Barbe - Baie Verte shares our parties policies on Health and Health care with the people of his riding and now I'm sharing it with you.

(By the way, he is not in this picture)

Here's where they stand on health care
Western Star. Corner Brook, Nfld.: Jan 16, 2006. pg. 3

Health care continues to be a significant concern for residents in this riding. What is your and your party's stand on health care issues affecting western Newfoundland?

Martin Hanzelek, Green Party of Canada,

Health care is a major concern for the Green Party of Canada. Canada's declining health care system,combined with an aging population, increased cancer rates and a severe lack of health care funding, has placed Canada's public health care system in a state of peril. The Green Party does not support a two-tiered health care system, with high-end private health care available only to the richest of Canadians, while low-income families face substandard care and long wait lists. We believe every Canadian deserves the best care possible, as soon as possible. Hand in hand
with health care is the environment.

We are the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. It is no coincidence Newfoundland has both the highest cancer rate in Canada and the highest dioxin emissions of any province. We burn household garbage in open incinerators, burn used motor oil as a fuel source at the Corner Brook paper mill, freely dump our raw sewage into the ocean and, at one point, we were even considering burning used tires as a source of energy. With an environmental track record like this one, it is no wonder why one out of two Newfoundlanders develop cancer in their lifetime.

The Green Party is focused on developing solutions to current problems, such as wait lists and access to diagnostic imaging equipment and specialists, but they are also focused on long-term solutions which include addressing the root cause of problems - not just providing a band-aid solution.

EDIT: Here's a news release on Hearth Care as well.

Media Releases
Restoring health to our health care system

Green Party MPs would push to set and meet national educational, fitness and mental health goals

(Saskatoon, Friday, 20 January 2006) – In a speech at the University of Saskatoon today, Green Party leader Jim Harris outlined his party's vision for Canada's future, one in which Canadians have quality health care, a cleaner environment and the tools to stay healthy throughout their lives – and are better off because of it.

In the speech, Mr. Harris faults the country's old-line parties "whose vision is blinded by a four-year horizon", and therefore cannot deal with the far-reaching problems affecting Canada's health care system. As Mr.

Harris points out, diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes and conditions such as obesity are spiraling out of control – which is even sadder when you consider that, through proper lifestyle choices, these problems could be mitigated or wiped out altogether. It has put a huge strain on our health care system.

"Presently, our health care system can be better described as a 'sick care system'. Canada's health care professionals are some of the best in the world treating us once we get sick," Mr. Harris said. "But now our priority must be preventing illness."

The Green Party has education and funding plans that stretch beyond the four-year election cycle. Green Party MPs would push to set and meet national educational, fitness and mental health goals in order to ensure our children lead healthier lives.

It would include, for example, a national strategy that will set specific goals for mental health care, promote good mental health, reduce stigma and examine ways Canada can address issues such as stress and over-work.

The party would also tackle the wait time conundrum affecting this country's health care system. Jim Harris and the Greens believe that wait times need to incorporate not only the time it takes for Canadians to receive treatment, but also the time it takes between noticing a problem and getting preliminary care through a family physician. "By not including the time between your first symptoms and finally receiving treatment, we do not have the full picture of what a patient endures," Mr. Harris said.

To address this problem, the Greens are committed to increasing the number of physicians from 1.8 per 1,000 Canadians to 2.5 over the next ten years.

The Green plan would include streamlining the process it takes to accredit medical graduates from abroad so that those who choose to come to Canada can practice medicine here more easily.

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For More Information:
Derek Pinto
Media Relations Officer, Leader's Tour

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