Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The results are in: Jim Harris wins debate

Wait, sorry my mistake; the leader of the Green Party of Canada wasn't allowed to join the leaders debate.

What a country we live in that will allow a Separatist Party to voice it's opinion to the nation and not a Party who believes in strengthening Canada as a whole.

It's frustrating as a Green supporter to hear Jack Layton say that there is another choice for Canadians and know full well that he isn't the only other choice. Many people have decided who'll they'll vote for by watching last nights election and it's completely unfair and undemocratic to the citizens of Canada to not be able to hear all their options.

It's time for a drastic change in our Government, in Canada, and the only ones prepared to make such a change is the Green Party of Canada.

Let Ottawa know you're frustrated with the current government. Let them know you'll not stand for the same old ideas for age old problems. Let them know that your sick of the bickering that's ever-present in parliament causing nothing to be achieved. Let them know that such obviously biased organizations like the CRTC should not decide who Canada sees and who Canada doesn't which it should be handled by a impartial organization like Elections Canada. Simply, let Ottawa know that it's time for change.

Make your voice be heard; Vote Green.


Those who are in and around or close to St. John's should remember that there is a forum tonight at the St. John's Convention Center, starting at 7:30pm. This will be featuring all the candidates in St. John's East and is open to the public who can ask questions. Read this blog post for full info.

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