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To vote for the Green Party or the NDP, that is the question

To vote for the Green Party or the NDP, that is the question
Press Release: January 9, 2006.

People ask Green Party candidate Mark Brennan "Should we vote for the NDPcandidate or should we vote for you and the Green Party?"

Brennan acknowledges that people who are interested in social justice issues and
also in environmental issues in Newfoundland, find themselves facing adifficult choice in this election. The Green Party also has a strong social justice thrust in its election Platform.Brennan agreed that "Sometimes the Green Party policies are not deep enough, for example supporting carbon emissions trading, and that perhaps aparticular environmental policy of the NDP may be more progressive than thatof the GP. However, it is only within the Green Party that a certain kind ofdiscussion is taking place, about the fundamental shift in consciousness needed in how we humans have to relate to the Earth." Also, "The Green Party says it supports deep ecology, which provides the philosophical basis to oppose 'resourcism', the dominant human-centered world view of industrial society, that the Natural world exists primarily as raw material for the human purpose."

"The NDP," said Brennan "due to its overall orientation, is not an ecological party, because of their belief that the major ecological problems can be resolved within industrial capitalist society. Yet it is this very society which has caused the Earth-threatening ecological crisis." Brennan explained, "We need to think much more deeply. Ecocentric justice is more inclusive than human or social justice. 'Community' has to include not just humans, but other animals, plants and the Earth itself."Brennan said that people who in the past have supported the NDP should understand that:"

1. The NDP is totally human-centered in its overall orientation andwill always put human interests first, before any environmental issues."

"2. The NDP is committed to economic growth and consumerism within a capitalist economic framework. It does not understand or accept that ecology imposes 'limits' upon all of us.The NDP has no alternative economic model to thatof the global market economy."

"3. Everywhere the NDP has been in political power provincially, ithas worked within the industrial capitalist paradigm, be it in forestry,agriculture and the fisheries. Thus, in industrial forestry, the NDP has supported clear cutting,spraying, handing over forested crown lands to industry, etc." Brennan pointed out that while NDP interventions have a bias towards workers' interests,both worker and capitalist interests disregard the interests of the forests and their non-human inhabitants and degrade the forest base over the long term. And, he said,"It's a similar story for the industrial fishery and industrial agriculture."

"Other examples of NDP's ecological ineptitude," said Brennan, "are their support for the uranium industry in Saskatchewan; and for the auto industry, where the NDP, by upholding the job interest of the auto workers, seriously undermine their commitment to the Kyoto Protocol and to reductions in global warming."Brennan pointed out "The ecology movement draws from all the 'isms' insociety. People come to the Green Party from social democratic, liberal,conservative, and other political backgrounds." He concluded by saying, "I believe that only the Green Party has the potential, as a political party,to contribute to the needed shift in consciouness for humans in how theyrelate to the Natural world that sustains us all."

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Mark A. BrennanThe Green Party Candidate for Random Burin St Georges,
GREEN PARTY OF CANADA www.greenparty.ca

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