Saturday, January 21, 2006

Top 10 Reasons to Vote Green on Monday

Still undecided? Have no idea which party to support? Well, here are some reasons why you should Vote Green on January 23rd, if that helps any.

1. I want to feel good about my vote.I want to vote for someone, not against someone.

2. The Green Party has the best platform. The Green Party platform has earned positive reviews in the media, has done well under analysis by non-partisan organizations.

3. My great grandchildren will be proud of me. I want them to have a sustainable future, a green economy, and better democracy.

4. I want my vote to have an impact on the legislative agenda of the next parliament. MPs will spend the next session trying to look good for the next election, so they will be looking at who they lost votes to. Vote Green and Green priorities will set the agenda.

5. People are saying good things about the Green Party.

6. I am nobody's fool. I refuse to let Martin, Harper, Layton or Duceppe think he can scare me into "strategically" voting for him just for not being the worst among them.

7. Green Parties around the world get elected, govern countries, and make the world a better place.

8. Whoever I vote for will get $1.75 in public funding, per vote, per year. I feel good about the Green Party putting it to good use defending my values.

9. I am socially progressive, fiscally responsible, and committed to environmental sustainability - just like the Green Party.

10. One hundred and thirty nine years of Liberal and Conservative governments. Albert Einstein said it best: "The significant problems of our time are not going to be solved by the same level of thinking that got us into them."

A heck. Why stop there? Here are even more reasons to vote Green:

11. I am neither left nor right; I just know the difference between good and bad ideas.

12. I don't want to waste my vote: I know that the other parties will change when, and only when, they see how politically viable the Green Party is.

13. Prime Minister Paul Martin himself gave me plenty of reasons: "the gap between the rich and the poor is not narrowing, it's getting worse. The environmental problems we face in the world are getting worse. The conflicts that are taking place in the poorest parts of the world are getting worse. And children are being born into abject poverty in a world of huge wealth." Voting Green is a vote for real solutions.

14. The Green Party has a National Cancer-fighting Strategy, a real Kyoto plan, and a forward-looking Energy Plan, in addition to their comprehensive election platform.

15. I want the Parliament of Canada to be accountable to Canadians, protect our air, soil and water, develop a sustainable economy, meet and exceed our Kyoto commitments, and work for all communities. Green Party MPs will do that.

16. I just cannot bring myself to vote for people who do not have clean air, pure water and safe food as their priorities. There are only 2 choices on the ballot: the Green Party and everybody else.

17. The Green Party actually encouraged me to read all the party platforms and judge for myself, without the media spin. By respecting me, they have earned my vote.

18. I didn't get a chance to hear the Green Party in the leaders' debates, but now I have the chance to vote for them. I want to remind the Broadcast Consortium just how important the Green Party is.

19. The other parties embraced negative campaigning and attack ads. They really did. We are not making this up. The Greens didn't do any mudslinging. By respecting me, the Greens have earned my vote.

20. I believe in my local Green Party candidate.

21. The Green Party of Canada offers a vision of hope for Canadians. I know where they want to go with this county. I am voting for something good.

22. I am voting in a Canadian parliamentary election, not a U.S.-style two-party system as Martin and Harper would have you believe.

23. I used to vote for another party, but as Dr. Phil says: "How's that working for ya?" This time I'm voting Green.

24. I support the six fundamental principles of the global Greens: ecological wisdom, social justice, participatory democracy, non-violence, sustainability, respect for diversity.

25. It's just the right thing to do.

26. The Green Party understands that we are bound by the natural limits to growth and that current economic models don't reflect this. The Green Party's strategy to reduce consumption will lead to a higher quality of life for everyone.

27. Only the Green Party is working to rewire our economy and rebuild our communities so that our children are not left with the burden of environmental pollution and economic hardship related to higher oil prices.

28. I want to Make Poverty History; so do all 308 Green Party candidates.

Click here for information on how, where, and when to vote in the federal election on Monday, January 23.

There is no excuse for not doing it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi - I was searching for blogs about associations and found yours. Reason I was searching for associations is I have one and I'm looking for ways people run theirs.

Eye Care Ed said...

I think telling people that they should be able to actually vote "for someone", as opposed to just voting "against someone else", is a very positive way for third party candidate (I am assuming that the Green Party is a third, or lesser-sized party in Canada, just like it is here in the states..) to motivate people to vote for them.

Hope you did well...