Monday, January 02, 2006

Volunteers are Valuable

Every good thing needs help in making it better. The Green Party's, my, campaign is no exception to this rule. In order for me to open minds and spread the word that things need to change now in order to preserve our future, other like minded folks need to assemble and make this awakening happen.

Here' in St. John's East there are 66, 354 electors (adjusted to 70, 027 for the national average) eligible to vote. At this time, I'm basically reaching out to those people by myself. Sure, I have a couple of wonderful friends who support me, one of whom (Dave Brinston) is kind enough to drive me around the city putting up signs (By the way, I really love that I have our wonderful little green signs placed next to huge wooden billboards type signs that the other parties have here. That alone makes a point) and he's not even a Green supporter at heart... though I'm doing my damndest (can I say that word?) to open him up further to the world and hopefully sway him to vote Green.

So, here's my call to you. Do you believe in a future that has clean air, water and soil for your children and their children? Do you believe in heath, not just health care? Do you want a government that accountable for it's actions? Do you have a drive to make the future you want happen actually happen? If so, please contact me at anytime either by calling (709-727-2697), by email ( or by using this handy form found on the Green Party website.

Someday is now. Vote Green, Talk Green, Be Green!

Stephen Harris
GPC Candidate - St. John's East

P.S. Leader Jim Harris announced the Green's Platform today and it is now available for download at the Green Party Website or by clicking HERE. (It's in PDF format)