Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Why YOU should vote Green! Mark Brennan

Why should you vote Green? As you know I represent the Green Party. I am not going to give you any waffle about promises I cant keep or go on about the past political record of the other Candidates. Or even pretend for one minute I am going to win! For all of us there is a much larger issue that we all need to take a serious look at and it’s the reason I have stepped forward to run in this election, because I think anyone with a green conscience in Random Burin St Georges, needs a place to mark their vote on election day.

Global oil production is said to peak in the next few years, this would mean that there could perhaps be 40-50 years remaining of industrialisation based on oil, perhaps less. The end of oil will basically mean a huge change in the way we live. Currently, our lifestyles are 100% linked to oil and fossil fuels. With huge growth expected in countries like China and India, there is an ever increasing chance of an approaching energy crisis and with that many other problems. For the most part this is merely a side note in Canada’s other political parties. The NDP, Conservative Party and the Liberals all advocate a continuation of industrialisation based on ever increasing growth, a society based on these principles will eventually fail because all the ‘resources’ humans need to survive are not endless commodities.

Unless we begin to redefine our relationship to the planet we face turmoil in the years to come. The burning of fossil fuels is changing the earths climate, causing acid rain, water pollution, more human sickness, and species loss. With an ever expanding globalized economy there will never be enough fish in the sea, forests for fibre, natural gas, or anything else we take from nature to live our over consumptive lifestyles. We see the effects of this with the collapse of fisheries around the world and devastation of the worlds forests and with that an ever increasing demise of the species of the earth.

The Green Party is currently the only party that is undergoing a serious discussion on redefining our relationship to the planet. The Green Party has an extensive platform (www.greenparty.ca) that will help deal with these looming problems. What we need to do in this election is to scare the wits out of the Liberals, NDP and Conservatives by taking many votes from them, only then will they begin to change their attitudes and their policies and begin implementing real changes that need to be made to secure a future that is currently in question for all of us. There really are no jobs on a dead planet. Thanks.

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