Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Wrappin' it up

NOTE: This will be the last post in this section of the Blog. It will be reserved as a campaign Blog while the Newfoundland and Labrador Green Party main Blog will be located at http://NLGreenParty.blogspot.com

Well, it's all over and personally, I'm physically exhausted, emotionally frustrated and mentally worn down. 2 months of campaigning came down to one night of watchin' CBC unfold it all... almost all anyway. I'm still a little miffed over the fact that they didn't show any Green results the whole night. I can understand their reasoning behind keeping the results to the top candidates but, they could have had the top 4 candidates and not just 3. Plus, I remember the election last time around posting results for all the candidates. What happened this time?

Anyway, here's the results for Greens in Newfoundland and Labrador:

Shannon Hillier / 296 votes / 0.8%

Bonavista--Gander--Grand Falls--Windsor
Judy Davis / 275 votes / 0.7%

Humber--St. Barbe--Baie Verte
Martin Hanzalek / 339 votes / 1.0%

Gail Zwicker / 82 votes / 0.7%

Random--Burin--St. George's
Mark Brennan / 426 votes / 1.4%

St. John's East
Stephen Eli Harris / 437 votes / 1.1%

St. John's South--Mount Pearl
Barry Crozier / 235 votes / 0.6%

That's a total of 2090 votes in Newfoundland and Labrador which, unfortunately, is a drop of over a 1000 votes from last election. It's not really surprising but, it certainly is a little disappointing. I guess there was no way to stop the conservative momentum this time around, especially not in Newfoundland and Labrador who has seen great things come out of Danny Williams. Plus, with so many people strategically voting Liberal to stop the conservative momentum, there was really no chance. Of course, we can't forget the seal hunt issue. This almost single handedly brought us down in the province.

All in all, this was an incredibly wonderful experience for me. I've found something within myself that I probably always knew I had but wasn't willing to flesh it out. Now that I have found it though, I will never give up. It wont be long before we have another election and this time, I'll be ready.

I can't help to think however, that because the Greens didn't elect any seats this time around, the next time will be much the same. We'll have no media. We'll not be permitted to debate with the other leaders on television and we'll not be respected as a party. But, who knows? I certainly don't. I would never have thought we'd have a Conservative government in place either so, things defiantly surprise you.

I'd like to take this time to thank all those who indeed voted for real change. All those who volunteered their time throughout the province, I thank you as well. Without the support of you few, there would be no Green movement in Newfoundland and Labrador and to me, that's a scary thought.

So. We push ahead. We ready ourselves for the next election and be sure that the Green voice isn't muted. We have a place in Government and we'll achieve this spot in time with true dedication and hard work. Don't give up. Never give up.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win.

Remember that. Thanks again for your support.

Now, go to NLGreenParty.blogspot.com and follow the progress from here.

EDIT: I added Mark Brennans final remarks to this post.

Random Burin St Georges Green Candidate, Mark Brennan - Election Reaction

At home in Whitehill Nova Scotia, Green Candidate Mark Brennan laments over the recent election results. Brennan, who stepped forward to run for the Green Party in this Newfoundland riding said, "I did not expect to come anywhere close to winning in this election, the results are an indication that the public is not getting the message when it comes to true sustainability and the environment. What I do see though, is that despite the generally poor showing, there is still a core group of voters who truly put the well being of the earth first."

After the early Green Party public stand on ending the Seal hunt, the initial candidate decided not to run. Brennan feels this was a major factor in Greens doing poorly across the Province. "Overall it has been a good experience and I certainly wish the elected member well in the coming years and hope that some of the issues I was questioned about during the election are dealt with for the people of this riding. On the seal issue, we are seeing marine mammals wiped out the world over for human consumption. Newfoundland has experienced a devastating loss of it's main fishery, we need to make rebuilding these marine eco-systems a priority and that would also mean putting an end to the seal hunt as well banning the use of industrial draggers. Without these and other measures the five hundred year old Newfoundland fishery will never come back."

The 37 year old Landscape Artist and healthcare worker, vows to run again, saying that, "All of us need to wake up to the fact that there are limits to growth on a finite planet, we need to stop consuming the world, stop forcing other species into extinction, we also need to redefine our relationship to the earth. There really is no other choice, but I really don't think people are ready to hear this message yet, we are still in denial."

Mark A. Brennan
Canadian Landscape Painter/Photographer
Whitehill, Nova Sotia, Canada

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Monday, January 23, 2006

No Results for Greens?

Well, I have no idea how we've done. There aren't any numbers for the Greens on CBC as of yet. I'm disapointed in the programing...

Updates Later.

What are you doing reading this? Go VOTE!

... Unless you've already voted (or the polls aren't open yet), then go ahead and read on. Well actually, don't bother because it doesn't really apply to you anyway. Plus, you should be out making sure your friends and family vote too. Go on.

The rest of you, please, go out and vote. It only takes a few minutes and is an extremely gratifying experience to choose who you want to lead you. It's an important decision to make but, please, make sure you know all your options before you mark your X. Don't be pressured by a peer or family member and don't listen to polls. Just vote with your heart.

If you want to check out all the platforms (of the 4 parties nearly everyone in the country has the opportunity to vote for), here they are (in alphabetical order to show no favoritism... though, the green background may throw you off).

Conservative Party of Canada
Green Party of Canada
Liberal Party of Canada
New Democratic Party of Canada

And if you live in Quebec, there's the option of:

The Bloc Quebecois

Also, in various parts of the country there are other options as well. Check out Elections Canada List.

So, know ALL you options and choose with your heart. Pick the Party that best represents the Canada you want to build. Then, go mark an X by the candidate who will help you build that Canada.

Go on. Do it. Do the Evolution.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Green Party urges non-voters to feel good about voting again

Media Releases
Green Party urges non-voters to feel good about voting again

"To those disenfranchised Canadians, I say your vote does count", says Jim Harris.

(Victoria, Saturday, 21 January 2006) - Canadians are two days away from an election that, if recent history is any indication, only 60 per cent of voters will actually cast a ballot, said Green Party of Canada leader Jim Harris today in Victoria.

"In fact, you could fill BC Place nearly 150 times over with the number of Canadians who didn't vote in the last election. Close to 8.9 million Canadians didn't vote or three times the total number of electors in British Columbia," said Harris. "The reason is simple enough: they have become completely ambivalent towards the style of electoral politics practiced by the old-line parties."

"It speaks volumes about a system when, outside of Ontario, there were more non-voters in Canada than voters in all the other provinces and territories combined," added Mr. Harris. "And while filling BC Place 150 times over would make for one football game, it's sad to think that all these people are effectively voiceless when it comes to the future of their country."

"To those disenfranchised Canadians, I say your vote does count," said Mr. Harris. "A vote for the Green Party is a vote that will be heard. It sends a message to the old-line parties that change isn't just necessary, it's inevitable."

Harris noted that the Green Party is the only political party in this election that has invited all Canadians to read the platforms of each party and choose the plan that best reflects their hopes and dreams for Canada and their children. "We are so confident in our plan for Canada that we have also posted links from our site at www.greenparty.ca to the platforms of other parties and NGOs."

The Green Party proposes something entirely new and different. It is a party that is socially progressive, pro-environment and economically prudent. The party believes that Canadians don't have to fit into the mold of the either/or, for/against divisions presented by the other national parties.

And here's another endorsment that I thought you might like. I do. It's not for me personally but, it's still darn good.

Be a leader and vote Green: Vote with your values; [Final Edition]
Craig Rourke. Sun Times. Owen Sound, Ont.: Jan 18, 2006. pg. A.5

Editor: I am very proud to say that I am supporting the Green Party in this federal election and more importantly in the Grey- Bruce-Owen Sound riding. I know that there are a great number of people thinking of voting for Shane Jolley and I have heard many people in our community endorse Shane as being the top local candidate. Many of us are struck by his insight, and can identify with his green values.

The unfortunate thing is that these sentiments are usually followed by something that sounds like this: "I'd like to vote for Shane but." To these people I would like to say that this is your chance to make your opinion count. Don't worry what other people are going to vote, worry about who you would like to represent you in Ottawa.

Be a leader and vote Green. If everyone who wanted to vote for Shane actually followed through with it, I think we would be in a real position to make some noise. Go with your gut on this one and advise your friends, family and co-workers to do the same.

There's a reason you want to vote for Shane Jolley and the Green Party, and that is simple: because you'd like them to win. Please try and get over your fear and skepticism and vote with your values when election day comes.

Craig Rourke
Owen Sound

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